Fundraisers hope for ‘One Shining Moment’ for Prostate Cancer

Great Prostate Cancer Challenge Fundraiser Sign

Ordinarily if you mention prostate cancer in a room full of men, you may hear the sound of silence or their hurried footsteps as they flee the scene, but what if that room was a local sports bar, and what if you threw in drinks and food, trivia and a March Madness-themed game. You may just get their attention. That’s exactly the thinking behind a fundraiser sponsored by the Chesapeake Urology Association and the Greene Turtle. Read more

Maryland looks ahead to next season

The halls of Comcast Center are quiet as the Maryland men’s basketball team looks ahead to next season.

Terps Miss Postseason Play, Look Ahead to Next Season

For the first time since 1993, the University of Maryland men’s basketball team did not make the postseason. The team’s 19-14 record was not enough to get them into the newly expanded NCAA Tournament field of 68, and it was not enough to even get them a consolatory bid from the National Invitational Tournament (NIT). Their play on the court was sporadic all season, and now so are the emotions and sentiments of Terrapin fans. Read more

South by Southwest Highlights Interactions

This month thousands of creative minds and those looking for a little extra creative inspiration will converge on Austin, Texas for the 18th annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival. Added to the South by Southwest festival lineup in 1994, the interactive portion offers attendees the chance to hear from some of today’s leaders in emerging media and see new websites, digital projects, mobile applications, video games and emerging startup ideas. Read more

Happy Belated Birthday, Snowmageddon 2010

NASA Satellite Image

Miriam-Webster online dictionary’s “New Words and Slang” list has made it official—Snowmageddon is a word (then again according to the site, so is jeggings and Belieber). The user-submitted word is defined as, “a large snowstorm.” A quick Google search reveals last year’s Snowmageddon was more than just a snowstorm, however, to those who experienced it. From the many followers who created dedicated Facebook fan pages to thousands of YouTube videos to a Zazzle t-shirt its near celebrity status lives on. Read more

Mobile Audio News: Another Reason I Will Soon Only Need an iPhone in My Life

Good audio news should be good, regardless if you are listening on the radio or on your mobile phone. The same rules should apply. There should be quality audio, a clear story and a good mix of voice and sound. Read more

Redefining “To Go”

I’ve frequently been at the end of a long run with only my iPhone for music and a key fashioned to my shoelaces and thought, “I could really go for an Americano right now.” But, always reluctant to go running with my wallet or cash through the streets of Baltimore I’ve been left wanting. Now Starbucks has a solution for my problem—and an app that I’m sure offers a variety of solutions and possibilities for things beyond coffee fixes. Allow me to introduce you to the Starbucks Card Mobile App (pictured below). Read more

Interview and Sequence Sample

Sequence Shoot Sample

On Camera Report Sample

When looking ahead to the video portion of our slice class, I anticipated it with excitement, but also with a little bit of nervousness. I mean photos and audio—minus some equipment confusion—I can handle. But video is a whole new world to me. (Unless you count the reenactments of “Rescue 911” episodes and MTV videos my best friend, Amy Garganta, and I made in fifth grade as quality video making.) Read more